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Installing: Step 2 - Using the Installer

An installer is provided to assist you in entering the information Invision Power Board needs to connect to your MySQL database and to create your new administrators account.

Run the installer file through your web browser by entering the URL to it into your browser address bar (if you have followed our example, type in, naturally subsituting '' for your web address.)

Clicking on proceed will present you with a simple information form. You will need to know your SQL username and password at this point. If you do not know it, please ask your web host - in most cases it is different from the FTP log in information.

The form is very straightfoward, with only the following points needing closer examination. If you do not know what your MySQL "host" is, try "localhost" (without the quotes). if the SQL server is on the same server as your website (and in most cases it is) this will suffice.
If you have created a new database for Invision Power Board, or wish to use an existing database, enter the name of the database in the appropriate field.

Unless you intend to install multiple copies of Invision Power Board into the same database, you can leave the "table prefix" blank. If you do not have a MySQL password (if you are installing Invision Power Board on your local server) this can be left blank.
After submitting the form, you will be informed of any errors - if you do get an error similar to "permission denied for user@localhost using password YES" - the chances are you have either your MySQL username, MySQL password or MySQL database name wrong. Consult with your webhost for the correct information and resubmit the form.

If the information is correct an IP.Board can connect to your database, you will be asked for your administrator login information. This is the information you will use to login to the board, and the admin control panel area.

If the installation was successful, you will receive notification to that effect.
Follow the link to finish off the installation and to log into your newly installed board. When the log in page loads, enter in the information you chose for your administrator account.
Once you are logged into the board, click on the "Admin CP" link found in the navigation bar to access the Administration Control Panel.
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