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Installing: Step 1 - Uploading

At this point, you should have the zip archive "unzipped" and the contents similar to those shown in the structure and CHMOD guide. If you do not have a similar structure, check to make sure you have your zip program preferences set to allow creation of directories and to preserve case and long filenames.

If you haven't done so already, create a new directory on your server named appropriately (if you wanted to access the forums via '', create a directory called 'forums' in the 'public_html' or 'www' directory on your webserver.

Using your FTP client, move into the directory you wish to upload to (if you followed the above advice, move into the newly created 'forums' directory.)

Using your FTP client, create the following directories "admin", "cache", "install", "ips_kernel", "jscripts", "lofiversion", "modules", "retail", "resources", "skin_acp", "sources", "style_avatars", "style_captcha", "style_emoticons", "style_images", "upgrade" and "uploads" (TIP: If your FTP client supports "Drag n' Drop" which most modern clients do, you can save yourself some time and effort by simply selecting all the files from the "unzipped" zip archive and drag them into your FTP client window, this will then copy all the files, creating the directories as it goes. If you choose to do this, you can safely ignore most of the following instruction, just remember to CHMOD as outlined in the stucture and CHMOD guide).

Once the directories have been created, CHMOD "skin_cache" and "uploads" to 0755 (if you get permissions errors later on, you can CHMOD these to "0777"). Now, upload the contents of the files in your local folders (from the zip file) into the corresponding directories you've just created on your server. Some folders will contain other files and folders, upload them all - preserving the structure you have in your zip file (for example, upload the entire contents of the "html" folder on your computer to the "html" directory on the server).

Once you have finished uploading into the directories, upload the rest of the files "conf_global.php.dist" and "index.php" to the same place as you created the directories earlier (into "forums" for our example).

That's it, the hard work is now done! You can proceed to the next step.
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